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Número de publicaçãoDE2440709 A1
Tipo de publicaçãoCandidatura
Número de candidaturaDE19742440709
Data de publicação4 Mar 1976
Data de apresentação24 Ago 1974
Data de prioridade24 Ago 1974
Número de publicação19742440709, 742440709, DE 2440709 A1, DE 2440709A1, DE-A1-2440709, DE19742440709, DE2440709 A1, DE2440709A1, DE742440709
InventoresKarl Bogena
RequerenteKarl Bogena
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Wig or hairpiece with fabric support - held by natural hair and wire support and press studs
DE 2440709 A1
The wig or hairpiece is fixed on the head of the wearer by pulling the existing natural hair strands through the fabric support of the wig. Special holes in the fabric have rectangular or square clamping features for the natural hair. The natural hair strands(c) are held in clamping features(d) which have preferably elastic wire supports. These supports are arranged symmetrically over the circumference of the web strip of the wig support fabric (b). The wire inserts are fitted into the pocket (a) distributed on the web strip and pushed into it. The fastening arrangement is a conventional press stud with the stud and reinforced head and sockets d of press studs are distributed over the circumference of wig fabric web strip.
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Patente Onde é Citada Data de apresentação Data de publicação Requerente Título
US734392124 Out 200518 Mar 2008Hortencia SalinasHair extension
WO1989009551A1 *24 Fev 198919 Out 1989Mohamad Ali IvariSystem for attaching toupees and monitoring regrowth and loss of hair
Classificação InternacionalA41G5/00, A41G3/00
Classificação CooperativaA41G5/002
Classificação EuropeiaA41G5/00B2C