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Número de publicaçãoDE2500170 A1
Tipo de publicaçãoCandidatura
Número de candidaturaDE19752500170
Data de publicação8 Jul 1976
Data de apresentação3 Jan 1975
Data de prioridade3 Jan 1975
Também publicada comoDE2500170B2
Número de publicação19752500170, 752500170, DE 2500170 A1, DE 2500170A1, DE-A1-2500170, DE19752500170, DE2500170 A1, DE2500170A1, DE752500170
InventoresKarl Bogena
RequerenteKarl Bogena
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Attachment of wig or hair piece using natural hair strands - allows easy mounting removal and trimming of hair
DE 2500170 A1
Wig or hairpiece which is attached to the wearer's head by means of natural hair strands comprises holes (a1) in the border (a) of the mounting structure (b) for the hairpiece, through which individual hair retaining strands are successively threaded, beginning with the side of the head of the wearer. The hair retaining strands are successively threaded, beginning with the side of the head of the wearer. The hair retaining strands have end reinforcements in the form of thin-walled pipe sections (c) in which are inserted spring cotter pins which are presed flat b means of leading pliers. This arrangement can be fitted without troubling the wearer and enables subsequent adjustments made necessary by unevenly spread growth of hair strands, to be easily and conveniently made.
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Classificação InternacionalA41G5/00, A41G3/00
Classificação CooperativaA41G5/002
Classificação EuropeiaA41G5/00B2C
Eventos Legais
8 Jun 1977C3Grant after two publication steps (3rd publication)
31 Dez 1977E77Valid patent as to the heymanns-index 1977
12 Jan 19898339Ceased/non-payment of the annual fee