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Número de publicaçãoUS1686636 A
Tipo de publicaçãoConcessão
Data de publicação9 Out 1928
Data de apresentação4 Jan 1928
Data de prioridade4 Jan 1928
Número de publicaçãoUS 1686636 A, US 1686636A, US-A-1686636, US1686636 A, US1686636A
InventoresJesse Oppenheim
Beneficiário OriginalJesse Oppenheim
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Hair piece
US 1686636 A
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oct. 9, 192s. 1,686,636

J. OPPENHEIM HAR PIECE Filled Jan. 4, 1928 KNVENTOR ATTORNEY 2'5 be obvious, vand in Patented Oct. 9, 1928.



or NEW YORK, N. Y.


Application led January This invention relates to hair pieces for womens head dress and more particularly is directed to a hair piece for useon bobbed coiffures.

One object of the invention is to provide a hair piece of improved construction which shall be easily and positively secured in position to snugly it over short hair or thinned regions of a bobbed head coiffure and which f may readily be incorporated with the natural hair to simulate a desired long hair coiffure.

Another object ofthe invention is to provide in a hair piece of the character described, an attachment device of improved construcf, tion ,iforgengaging with the short natural hair offth'e wearer.

A' further objectfof'the invention is to pro-v vide an improved'hair piece of the character described, comprising few and simple parts, :which shall be cheap toinanufacture,-easy to apply and remove, adapted to form various styles lofcoiffure, and practical and eflicient to a high degree in use.

Other 'objects of this invention will in part part hereinafter pointed out;.vv.

The-'invention accordingly consists kin the featuresv of construction, combinations of `elements, andarrangement of parts which will be exemplified in the construction hereinafter described, and of which the scope of applica-v tionwill be indicated in the following claims. In the accompanying drawing, in which is shown one of the various possible illustrative.

embodiments `of this invention. f

Fig. .1f is a'view showinga hair `piece embodyin-g.v the invention applied in a coiffure on the vrearsideV of the wearers head, over a short, natural hair region.

Fig. a fragmentary, perspective view of theimproved hair piece removed from the wearers head:V

Fig. 3 is a cross-sectional view Vtaken on lines 3 3 in Fig. 1, and

' Figs. .4l andr are `bottom plan views of the noveliattachingsdevice for kthe improved hair pieceshowing the clamping means thereof in open and closed positions, respectively.

Referring in detail lto the drawing, 10 denotes'fafhair piece embodying the invention which is particularly adapted to be incorporated inawomens coiffure of the prevailing popular bobbed hair style to extend over and covertheregions of cut or thinned, natural, short.ha'irxllL attherear of the head .11, as

4,. 192s. Serin No. 244,406.

shown in Fig. 1, forgiving the appearance of y portion 12, which is extended, as Aat' 12d, to

carry a suitable connection llffforpivoting-a The hair tuft 13 may be clamping member 15. The comb member l2 f l and clamping member 15 maybe formed of any suitablematerial, metallic or non-metallic, but'is preferably made of Celluloid, hard rubber, wood, fibre, casine, or phenol-condensate products,the backedge 'portion 12c being provided with perforation 12", wherethrough stitches 16 pass for flexibly securingthe edge 132L of thetuft to the portion 12, as is clearly shown in Figs.'2.and 8.

ATheftuft of hair 13 is preferably mounted. to extend from said back edgeportion 12, and mayhave an upperfolded portion 13b spaced from saidy device-12 for retaining the tuft to simulate draped, natural hair andto position the tuft lto extend overY and conceal'said-attachment device.` l y TheV shape andposition of the folded pore tion'lh may be given a limited adjustment with respect to the' device 12`by providing ya bendable member 17'between the attachment device 12L and the tuftf13. As lhere shown, said member 17 comprises a wire reinforced ribbon, secured to extend along.y the lanchoringedge 13":l of the tuft, the free ends of which are: bendably adjustable within the folded portion 13b, and may engage the incurled `free end 13C of the tuft 13 asshown inFigzB.

The clampingY .member 15 is'` preferably made of resilient material folded along its length and'provided with anelongated slot 15a. Said member lhas one end15b thereof mounted onuconnection 14, andl is adaptedto swing with relation to said comb member, so asto extend along both sides and embrace the baclredge portion 12 after the teeth 12b`have passed through the slot 15a., The' folded-.portionl ofQthe materialzof member 15 adjacent the end 15b serves to limit the swinging movement of the member 15, and the folded portion 151 of said material at the end opposite portion 15C forms a handle for conveniently manipulating the clamping member 15.

In order to assure positive clamping effect of the member 15 with said back edge portion 12, the slot 152t is made relatively narrower adjacent the handle portion 15d of the member 15 than at the other end 15, so that the spring action of said member 15 on both sides of said portion 12c is greatly increased, as is clearly shown in Fig. 6.

In using the improved hair piece 10, it may be applied to a bobbed head to cover the relatively short or thinned regions ot the wearers head and incorporated in the coi'ti'ure to simulate natural, long hair. This application is easily and simply accomplished by positioning the device over a desired region and inserting the comb member 12a into the' underlying short hair 11a. On swinging the clamping member 15 into its embracing position, the short hair 11L is looped about the back portion 12C of the comb as shown at 11b in Fig. 3, thus snugly securing the device 12 to the head of the wearer. By reason of the transversely strong spring action at the narrow end 15EL of the clamp member, the latter will now be held securely in position thus'preventing possible opening up of the clamp. The tutt 13 may now be dressed about the wearers head in any desired artistic manner to merge with the real hair, thus concealing the device 12 and giving the bobbed head the appearance of a coiiure of natural, long hair. The folded portion 13b provided in the tutt 13 with the adjustably bendable member 17, not only aids in concealing the attaching device 12, but also serves to form the tutt 13 into shapes that simulate contours of desirable long, natural hair coiitures.

To remove the piece 10, the device 12 is simply unclamped from the short hair 11a.

- 'Io further insure positive clamping action any of the contacting or gripping surfaces of the clamp member 15 may be corrugated or provided with projecting portions.

It will thus be seen that there is provided a device in which the several objects of this invention are achieved and which is well adapted to meet the conditions of practical use.

As various possible embodiments might be made of the above invention, and as various changes might be made in the embodiment above set forth, it is to be understood that all matter herein set forth or shown in the accompanying drawing is to be interpreted as illustrative and not in a limiting sense.

Having thus' described my invention, I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent: K

1. A hair piece for covering short, natural 2. A hair piece for covering short, natp ural regions ot a coiffure, comprisingan attachment means tor engaging with said short hair, a tutt ot hair mounted to extend beyond said means, said tutt having a fold for spacing said vmeans inwardly with respect to the told to conceal said means and to retain said tutt in iorm to simulate the natural hair, and means positioned between said attachment means and tutt for retaining the tutt in a desired shape.

In a hair piece of the character described, an attachment means comprising a comb havin@` a back portion and teeth eX- tending trom said back portion, and a member having a slot for receiving said teeth,

whereby short hair may be releasably held. i

loopedV between the teeth by said back portion and said member.

4. In a hair dress piece, means for attaching a tutt of hair to short, natural hair of a coiii'ure comprising a comb, and a member adapted to extend on opposite sides oi said comb for anchoring said attaching means Y to said short hair in a loop about the comb member. v

5. In a hair dress piece, means for attaching a tutt of hair to short, natural hair of a coiiiure comprising a comb, and a member adapted to extend on opposite sides of said y comb for anchoring said attaching means to said short hair in a loop about the comb member, said member forming a flat spring clamping structure adapted to embrace'said comb. .Y

6. In a hair piece of the character described, an attachment means comprising a comb having a back portion and teeth eX- tending from said baclr portion, and a member having a slot vtor receiving said teeth, said member being resilient, and said slot being of non-uniform width and adapted to clampingly engage hair looped about said back portion.

7. Ina hair piece, a combhaving a back portion and teeth extending from said portion, means on said portion for mounting a tutt oi hair, an extension on said portion, and a member` pivoted von said extension, said member having a slot to permit passage oi' said teeth therethrough on swinging said membeigwwhereby short hair may be releasably secured in a loop by said comb and member.

8. In a hair piece, a comb having a back portion, and teeth extending from said porllo las'

9. A hair piece for covering short natura] hair regions of a wearer comprising a tuft of false hair, and an attachmentdevice concealed within said tutt for mounting the latterv over said regions, said device including toothed means for looping the natural hair about the device and means having an opening for receiving said toothed means to clamp lsaid looped lia-into said toothed means. l f

10. The combination of a comb-having teeth and clamping means pivoted at `one end only of said comb comprising a resilient i member having a slot wherethroughV said teeth pass Aupon swinging of the comb mem-4 l ber about said pivot into clamping position, the free end of said yclamping member being of narrowed cross-section for eectively gripping the comb.

l1.- An article of hair dress comprising an attaching member having a body portion and teeth for receiving the Awearersl hair therethrough, and means for clamping the yhair against the opposite sides of said body portion.

12. In,` a hair piece adapted to cover the short natural hair of a wearer, the combination of a tuft of false hair simulating the natural hair, and means for mounting' said' tuft on the natural hair, said mounting means including a toothed element engaging the shortnatural hair in looped relation, .and

means for clamping said looped hair to said toothed element. f p

In testimony whereof I aiiix my signature;


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