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Número de publicaçãoUS35195 A
Tipo de publicaçãoConcessão
Data de publicação6 Mai 1862
Número de publicaçãoUS 35195 A, US 35195A, US-A-35195, US35195 A, US35195A
InventoresErastiys Young
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Improved washing-machine
US 35195 A
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Specification forming' part of Letters Patent No. 35,195, dated May (i, 186.2.

declare that the following is a full, clear, and

exact description oli' the saine, reference being' had to the accompanying drawings, torni- `ing' a part oi this speciiieation, in which- Figure l represents a transverse verticab section of my invention. top View ot' the same.

Fig'. 2 is a plan or Similar letters of .reference in both views i indicate corresponding parts.

This machine belongs to that class ot' washing-machines in which the elearning' ot' the clothes eitectet'l by squeezing' or pressing' r them repeatedly between a slatted pressureboard and the side o the tub or suds-box.

This invention consists in the arrangenient ot' a hand-lever with an adjustable t'ulcrum7 in combination with toggle-armsand with an oscillatingpressure-board in such a manner that by changing' the position of the tulcrum ol the handslever the pressln;'e-board can be adjusted for clothes ot" different size and ol ditterent fabric, and that the clothes can thus be subjectml to an v desirable pressure, and the washing' eti'ected without much exertion ot' the operator and without the least injury to the fabric.

To enable those skilled in the art to make and use my invention, l will proceed to describe its construction and o,[, era1ion with reterenee to the drawings.

The tub or suds-box A of my washing-machine is madeot' wood or any other suitable material, lsquare with slie'litly-inclined sides and with a rounded bottom, u, as clearly shown Yin Fig'. l ot' the drawings. From the ends of this box two stamilards, Z), rise, which form the bearings for the pins or pivots c, trom which the pressure-boartil l1; is suspended. This pressnre-board iifonsists otf two vertical arms, d, and of a series ot' horizontal slats, e, which are secured to said arms at certain intervals, so that the water can pass freely through between them. The 'trout edges ot' said slats, which act upon the clothes, are rounded, and the arms d are slightly curved, so that the surface oi the pressure-bom'd as the same approaches the side ot' the box is parallel with the saine, or nearly se, as clearly shown in Fig. l.

l An. oscillating motion is imparted to the pressure-board by means ot' a hand-lever, C, the fulcruin-pin fot' which is Aadjustable in two lugs, g, with a series oi' holes, l1, said lugs ljieing' tirml)v secured on the edge otA the said box. The lever (l connects with the pressureboard by toggle-arms l), that are attached to said lever bv means oit' a pivot, 1', and to the edge ot the upper slat of the pressure-board by means ot' a pivotgj, passing' through lugs or ears 7.', which are firmly secured tothe edge ot said slat.

By moving;l the handn-lever C up and down the pressure-board is brought up to or removed tronl the side oi the tub o1' suds-box, l and the clothes, which are placed between j the said side and the 1nessure-board, are pressed and squeezed repeatmlly, and thereby the washing' is ettected.

In order to adjust the pressure-board to clothes of dil'terent size or of different fabric, the position ot the tulcrn1n-pin fof'the level' (f is changed, and it will be easily undert stood that by placingl said tulcrum-pin in one oi' the holes farther from the inner edge ot' the suds-box the distance between the pressure-board and the opposite side of the suds-box is increased, and coiisequentljv the pressure exerted on the clothes is diminished, and by placing said Fulcrum-pin in one ot' the holes nearer to the inner edge of the sudsbox the distance between the pressure-board and the opposite side et the suds-box is diminished and the pressure upon the clothes is increased. This change is very easily ei'- feeted, and the washingl of the clothes can then be accomjilished without the least injuryv to the fabric and with little exertion of t the operator.

Having' thus fully describetfl my invention, what I claim as new, and desire to secure by i Letters Patent, is

The arrangement of the adj ust-able fulcrumpin f, in combination with the hand-level' C, toggle-arms D, p ressu re-board B, and suds-box A, all constructed and operating as and for the purpose set forth.


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Classificação CooperativaD06B3/26